Dose and Administration


Dose : One Teaspoon Two times a Day after Breakfast and at night after Dinner.

How to Administer: First dissolve 1 Tea spoon of She Fuel Powder in 200ml of Lukewarm Milk and stir vigorously to avoid lump formation and then boil it & add sugar accordingly.


1)It is necessary to dissolve the She Fuel powder in luke worm milk so that Lump formation of powder will not take place .

2)Stir Vigorously to make it homogeneous.

3) Boiling   is necessary to extract the Essential Phyto Constituents in Milk from She Fuel powder.

4) After Boiling the Essential Phyto Constituents will extract in Milk and Remaining Dietary Fibres will settle in the bottom of Boling Pan.

This process is KSHIR-PAK KALPANA as described in ancient ayurvedic text.