SHE FUEL is prepared on the ancient guidelines as described in ancient Ayurvedic books .The ingredients of SHE FUEL are grown organically and is prepared naturally. SHE FUEL is not prepared by extract of ingredients but powders of the ingredients are made micronized through BHAVANA (Ayurvedic terminology which is a type of NanoTechnology of Modern Science ).The property of every ingredients remains natural and enhanced.

Dietary Fibres (Phytopolysaccharides) are added extra for good health of colon.

SHE FUEL is a Phytonutrient which is Energy Nutrient , Protector Nutrient and Beauty enhancing nutrient

Points of She Fuel


A Woman is Quite different in Physical ,Mental and Emotional level with comparison to Man .

SHE FUEL has energy giving nutrients to suppliment the daily Antioxidant,Vitamins & Minerals and also some Herbs which are used to beautify woman and are described in Ancient Ayurvedic books.Some Immuno Booster Herbs are also present in SHEFUEL for Antiaging and to enhance natural Immunity.

In   Womans life there is a great role of some Female Harmones in every span and stages of life. SHE FUEL is specially designed to take care of every stage of a womans life by balancing these female harmones in Natural way .SHE FUEL has Naturally and Organic grown herbs which care for her Health and Beauty both.

BEAUTY OF SHE FUEL: SHE FUEL does not contains any Artificial or Synthetic ingredient ,Color, Flavour ,Sugar and Preservative contents.